Who We Are


Juan Mendizabal

Juan identifies as a spiritual teacher in both formal and informal areas of his life. A former Catholic who parted ways with his family’s religion during college, Juan now enjoys spirituality without the religious traditions and rituals that proved incongruent with his values system. In other words, authenticity, freedom, and self-advocacy keep him proudly behind the wheel of his own life, and you better believe he’s driving on the spiritual Autobahn, honey! He believes he is effective in creating “real-talk” spaces so people of a variety of identities can meaningfully discuss human interest topics such as life, death, love, family, and change. To observe Juan in his bliss is to see him with a glass of wine or cup of coffee in his hand, surrounded by his best friends, laughing and connecting about the weird things that happen on this planet.


Charise Kollar

Charise prides herself on being a ‘Southern gothic’ woman (with some northern Jersey flair) who has been swimming in the spirituality swamps for most of her life. Always seeking meaning out of the unknown, spirituality sits on the forefront of Charise’s life purpose since she was a young child. Her intuition is a force that she has learned to fully recognize and embrace.  Reading people’s intentions and inherently understanding soul purpose is why she is a spiritual hound dog, able to sniff out (& act accordingly based on) all types of intuitive realities. By sharing her experiences of interacting with the spiritual realm, she has been able to make meaningful connections with those who are inquisitive about the unknown. She was led to RTU because connecting individuals to their higher selves is why she feels called to do this work. Her most prized memories of spiritual work with others almost always incorporates coffee in any form, a cleansed deck of angel cards, and lots of sugary snacks from Trader Joe’s.

Contributing Soul Frands


Daniela Peguero

Daniela is a fiery latina but also a chill hippie at heart. Her paradox ways have led her to understand the cognitive complexities of humans, allowing her to focus instead on connecting with people’s souls. She accepts that humans make mistakes and use them as an opportunity to learn and grow. Her spirituality developed in college when she began to explore the guidance she was receiving through her dreams. Daniela now continues to explore herself and her spirituality through her new found love of yoga.  When her mind gets chaotic she loves to recluse to nature to let mother earth rejuvenate her soul–but don’t get her wrong: she also loves to dance to some crazy reggaeton.

Angela Rodi

Angela is a pizza-and-beer kinda girl who began relying heavily on meditation, self-reflection, and spiritual awareness to help guide her through the mental and physical challenges of medical school. She uses writing as a means to explore the lessons behind life’s experiences and is continuously amazed by the significance of otherwise subtle events. She’s a soon-to-be ob/gyn with a snobbish appreciation for coffee and supremely amateur cycling capabilities.

Brent Monroe

Brent is an ENFJ universal realist who has an appreciation for the spiritual components of life’s unknowns. He has been in tune with his spiritual side since he can remember, but he began asking questions during his college years. With his high intuitive nature and calming personality, he enjoys working with teenagers and helping to guide them for a successful future. Brent is a self-described renaissance man who is a lover of both culture (particularly one that encompasses beer and burgers) and the study of human nature. Spiritually, he knows his destination, but intuitively, he knows he’s not there.


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Sonal Chauhan

Sonal, an Indian American Jersey girl, is the truest form of a Gemini: constantly flip flopping from carrying herself like an enthusiastic and idealistic ENFJ one moment and then a complex, value driven INFJ the next! She began to become more in touch with her always-known-to-exist-yet-unidentified deeper self and the universe around her from a spiritual lens with guidance from of one of Real Talk Universe’s very own cofounders whom she dearly befriended during the chaos of her early 20s in Florida. Sonal is a charismatic soul who feeds off of building relationships with other spiritual energies, both alike and different, in hopes of continuously learning about the world around us and creating harmony. Speaking of “feeding” and creating harmony, cooking delicious dishes that fulfills others (both figuratively and literally!) is one of her most pleasurable hobbies.


Jennifer Santoro

Jennifer is an ENFP whose personal life mission is to “Unleash the Human Potential.” She lives out this mission by dedicating to the journey of her own self mastery, and serves as a certified life coach. She is also an avid entrepreneur who is a founding partner of a video technology company. She believes that entrepreneurship offers solutions to the world’s problems, and encourages everyone to find a way to be a part of solutions close to their heart. She describes her spiritual journey as an evolutionary experience and you could most likely describe her as a “Taoist…Reclaiming Witch…with a Catholic Upbringing.” She finds that all of life seems to offer learning opportunities and wisdom. She has a huge Hippie Heart and loves hugs. She’s also a Scorpio and Slytherin, so she loves to swim in the deep end of the pool of life, and isn’t afraid to provide firm/tough love to those who cross boundaries. Her favorite moments in life usually involve coffee, dancing, and trees.