Last night, casually spending my Saturday evening reading The Sexual Politics of Meat in between episodes of Bake Off: Masterclass, I felt the brilliance of Carol Adams once more as she connected ecofeminism to power through literature. She highlighted an excerpt from Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God about Jody (the partner of protagonist Janie) deciding to […]

The number 7 is a powerful spiritual number, so we’re celebrating our 7-year friendiversary by recapping the top 7 spiritual lessons we’ve learned both together and separately. Grab a drink and join us for a rapid-fire kiki about our top 7: 1. Zip code ain’t gonna change your issues. 2. Listen and follow the signs […]

We get it: Moana is queen. Her story is a feminist manifesto that left me (and probably you) shook to the core. And had I not been simultaneously exploring intersectional feminist theories, I would have thought feminism–and feminism alone–was the core of Moana. But I watched Moana through a different theoretical lens. If you haven’t heard […]

During a two-hour phone call earlier this week, Charise and I agreed that our theme word for the current state of our lives is effortless. This doesn’t mean we aren’t working hard and puttin’ in dat sweat, because we are. But it does mean that our work, our ambitions, our goals, and the changes we’re making in our lives […]

Hiya, Hot Cakes! The Spiritual Sistuhs are chattin’ about chuckin’ away your trash! The concept of minimalism has been making its way into the mainstream as of late, but funny enough, this concept is not a revolutionary idea in the spiritual community.  The sisters are discussing how narrowing down “not-so-necessary” items has helped replenish the soul […]

On this here episode, Charise and Juan discuss what it means to lack feelings of safety, security, and grounding and how that stunts self-growth and spiritual connection. Whether it’s with money, self-acceptance, physical safety, or emotional vulnerability, we all experience insecurity in one way or another, and we need to understand where that insecurity comes […]

In my personal and professional networks, it’s not uncommon to hear people talk about the need for “self-care.” In personal contexts, this is usually in reference to bubble baths, wine, and trips to the beach. In professional contexts, it means taking a day off work after a long week of meetings or going to happy hour at […]