Wow. wow. wowowowowow.  Today’s reflection is a classic connection between then and now — how messages given to us in hindsight made little or no sense in the moment, but later in time have revealed themselves to be profound, important, and affirming. In late December, Charise and I held our annual New Year’s Angel Card reading that was only […]

Hear ye, hear ye, millennials! Today we’re having some real talk about our jobs, careers, and generational needs for finding purpose in whatever work we do. Juan-Juan guides us through some researched generational differences between Baby Boomers and Millennials, and Sister Charise talks about internal and external job commitment based on an online assessment tool. […]

Hi, Tribe! If you are interested in the things that we talk about here on Real Talk Universe, I highly recommend that you check out the podcast, The RobCast, hosted by Rob Bell. I am a loyal listener of The RobCast. I find such value in Rob Bell’s interpretations, messages, and goofy demeanor. I just […]

It’s time to introduce yinz to a good friend to Charise and me. Her name is Cherry. Let me be clear that this is a different Cherry than the Chinese middle ESOL student Charise and I tutored in 2010, who pretended she didn’t know a lick of English and instead developed her mastermind plan to […]

The sisters are here to shed some light on a dark topic: death. One of the most feared constructs across all humanity, death is a sociological underpinning of our ways of being. What will we do to prevent it? What will we do to embrace it? How does a spiritual detachment between body and soul […]

*Spoiler Alert: Reading further will reveal information about the plot of Twin Peaks, Seasons 1 and 2. *Trigger Warning- This article contains the following content: eating dysmorphia, eating disorders, and challenging relationships with food.   My Rock-Bottom In 2013, I was in the grip of a vicious body dysmorphic episode.  I was extreme dieting, jumping […]

Adult Charise is very happy that Teenage Charise can still live her truth. After all, I haven’t changed that much.  I still wear glasses. I still wear skinny jeans (now “jeggings” ‘cause I don’t gots time for something without a little stretch). I’m still sarcastic and dark-humored and boundary-breaking. Still, I am insatiably consumed with […]