Our Purpose



To lead millennials and other spiritual-but-not-religious demographics in talking about spirituality, which we define as the process of meaning making, purpose finding, and/or identity building.


We believe our lives are enriched by having authentic conversations about the world around us. By talking to each other about things that matter, we’re able to happily and fully participate in the human experience through connection and community.

Defining “real talk”

Real talk is honest, direct, unapologetic, funny, and based on experience and knowledge. Its intention is meant to be helpful. Real talk is not bashing; real talk is tough love and vulnerability.

What we talk about

Stories: Meaningful events that taught important lessons to us or people we know.

Spiritual education: Terms, concepts, and language from spiritual-but-not-religious scholarship and practitioners relevant to our daily lives.

Leadership/identity education: Practical supplements to conversation designed to inform and support the action of living authentically.

Spiritual leadership research: Objective outcomes for spirituality and information about the role of spiritual identity.

Spirituality in practice: Ways spiritual people “be” with one another.

Spirituality in popular culture: Discussions of videos, books, movies, and other media that offer a perspective in spiritual conversation.

How it happens

Podcasts, blog posts, commentary interactions, videos, shared media, shared by us, our friends, and you!