Hiya, Hot Cakes! The Spiritual Sistuhs are chattin’ about chuckin’ away your trash! The concept of minimalism has been making its way into the mainstream as of late, but funny enough, this concept is not a revolutionary idea in the spiritual community.  The sisters are discussing how narrowing down “not-so-necessary” items has helped replenish the soul […]

Hi, Tribe! If you are interested in the things that we talk about here on Real Talk Universe, I highly recommend that you check out the podcast, The RobCast, hosted by Rob Bell. I am a loyal listener of The RobCast. I find such value in Rob Bell’s interpretations, messages, and goofy demeanor. I just […]

*Spoiler Alert: Reading further will reveal information about the plot of Twin Peaks, Seasons 1 and 2. *Trigger Warning- This article contains the following content: eating dysmorphia, eating disorders, and challenging relationships with food.   My Rock-Bottom In 2013, I was in the grip of a vicious body dysmorphic episode.  I was extreme dieting, jumping […]

Adult Charise is very happy that Teenage Charise can still live her truth. After all, I haven’t changed that much.  I still wear glasses. I still wear skinny jeans (now “jeggings” ‘cause I don’t gots time for something without a little stretch). I’m still sarcastic and dark-humored and boundary-breaking. Still, I am insatiably consumed with […]

  Today we have a good-ole’-fashioned wine & beer kiki for ya! Juan and Charise do a lot of drinking and cackling as they tell some of the most significant spiritual stories of their friendship by recalling the cast of characters who have been part of the journey (and we use names, henny!) Buckle up […]

Blue Lace Agate- one of my first crystals ever.   The Blue Lace Agate came into my life at an imperative time. I was a teenager, and I had a tough time speaking my truth.  I was at odds with my dad and sporadically with my mom. I felt totally silenced and dismissed, because after […]

We’ve all done it. It’s rarely a comforting feeling to wake up post-dream about an ex-lover. I mean, they’re an ex for a reason, right? Something went haywire, so the universe shouted a big “NO”. You know this. You may even have finally come to terms with this.   So why the fuh are you […]