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Queen of Air: The “Garage Sale Queen”

love Virgo season. The amount of Virgo women in my life is beyond coincidence — at least 10 whose birthdays fall within a span of three weeks, including my mom, sister, dog, two of my closest friends (including Sister Charise), and many others. I have always loved the energy of Virgo women because, as an Aries, I know I am prone to impulsivity and spontaneity.

As far back as I can remember, my super-Virgo mom taught me how valuable it can be to make plans and be dependable. Combined with my Aries attention span and adventurous spirit, this combo of organized (Virgo) energy (Aries) manifested into my adult nonnegotiable insistence on having no bullshit in my life. Today I want to honor an angel card figure who is the ultimate figurehead of no bullshit.

People of the world, please meet Libra/Virgo superstar Queen of Air from the Angel Tarot oracle deck by Virtue & Valentine. During a visit to see my friend in Seattle a few years ago, we maniacally cackled at the description for the Queen of Air card because it is so unapologetically fierce.

According to the Big Book of Angel Tarot, the Queen of Air signifies a life free of drama. Here are some things we know about the queen (paraphrased from the book):

  • She is covered in tanzanite jewels (!!!!!), which enhances clairvoyance. The queen can speak her truth clearly because she sees it clearly.
  • She is focused on “the real world” and is strongly focused on practicality, efficiency, and perfectionism.
  • She is otherwise known as the “garage sale queen” (!!!!!) because she gets rid of anything, or any person, that no longer serves her life purpose. “When it comes to her life, drama kings or queens need not apply.” 
  • She has experienced nearly everything in life (!!!!!) and has turned any sadness or challenge from the past into strength and humor that she wields “like a magic wand” (!!!!!).
  • She can scan a problem and immediately know what to do (!!!!!), which makes her an amazing confidant.
  • She steers clear of people who won’t take responsibility for their own lives, so she will hold you accountable if you ask for help.
  • She is a Libra with a healthy dose of Virgo, so she wants everything to be done “just so” (!!!).

I can’t compete with the wisdom of the queen, so my commentary will stop and I’ll leave you with some reflection questions:

  1. Do you feel you are able to speak your truth? If not, what is keeping you from doing it? Work on your throat chakra and balance that shit out.
  2. Think about the garage sale metaphor: Who or what is ready for the curb? 
  3. Do you take responsibility for your own life? Would the queen get along with you or read you to filth for the lack of accountability?
  4. Do you feel as if you are in control of what happens in your presence? Those tanzanite jewels aren’t just for show; they provide clarity. Are you ready to have such command over your life?

Happy Saturday, queenz.


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