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Declutter Your Crap & Replenish Your Soul [PODCAST]

Hiya, Hot Cakes! The Spiritual Sistuhs are chattin’ about chuckin’ away your trash! The concept of minimalism has been making its way into the mainstream as of late, but funny enough, this concept is not a revolutionary idea in the spiritual community.  The sisters are discussing how narrowing down “not-so-necessary” items has helped replenish the soul and realign values. (Think we’re cray? We are, but we promise that this makes total sense.) Physical unnecessary items can clog one’s precious mental space, and deciding what to get rid of can be just as soul-cleansing as the actual cleansing itself. Decluttering is a constant process, and you are not expected to embark on this journey alone! See below for a lil’ bit of minimalism inspo 😉


The Minimalists:

^Search for their documentary, “Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things” on Netflix!

Denise Lynn’s Soul Coaching Online Resource: Soul Coaching


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