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Life Lessons from Cherry Heart

It’s time to introduce yinz to a good friend to Charise and me. Her name is Cherry. Let me be clear that this is a different Cherry than the Chinese middle ESOL student Charise and I tutored in 2010, who pretended she didn’t know a lick of English and instead developed her mastermind plan to con all of us into giving her M&Ms.

Today’s Cherry is from the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards, specifically the card Acceptance in the Earth/root chakra. 


The root chakra is intended to:

  • show us a new way to bring our dreams into fruition
  • denote beginnings
  • manifesting intention
  • creating something extraordinary

The Acceptance card, specifically, denotes “innocence an an inability to see one’s gifts are indicated, as well as the protection of spirit guides, good luck, and an increase of self-esteem and confidence.

The legend says:

Cherry loves her work as a waitress, but she feels that something is missing from her life. She has a boyfriend, yet she senses that he is unfaithful. One day, a customer orders cherry pie. Cherry cuts a slice and sighs to a friend that her life is like that pie – with a slice missing. Her friend remarks that maybe Cherry is a heart-shaped pie. Cherry’s perspective changes. She leaves her boyfriend and, later, meets a man who makes her happy.


A magical box of self-acceptance appears before you. Your unique qualities reside within. Open it. Are things simple now? Cherry Heart invites you to see yourself as complete, just as you are.

Personal inquiry:

Am I assessing myself accurately? Or am I distorting my reality in a self-defeating way? Can I simply accept myself?

Key ideas:

New ways of seeing yourself, embracing imperfection, feeling incomplete, selling yourself short

Key words:

Manifesting, knowledge, luck


With your mind’s eye, imagine Cherry Heart. She’s glad you came to see her and wishes to give you a slice of pie. See the slice you feel has been missing from your life. Allow it to become the gift you’ve always desired. Let your feelings create a new awareness for you. When you are ready, write down your new awareness.


Y’all, I have a visceral reaction to this Cherry Heart card–and it’s not just because the word pie is frequently mentioned.

This card is much more complex than fruity desserts. The challenge for Cherry is that she  has to reframe her entire perception of what it means to be whole, surrendering to the idea that wholeness looks different for everyone. Her pathway to wholeness, however, includes dumping her shitty boyfriend, which brings us to the complication of acceptance–what, exactly, did she need to accept?

Did she need to accept her shitty boyfriend wasn’t good for her and replace him?

Did she need to accept her worth as someone who can still be happy even when her “pie” isn’t full?

Did she need to accept she was a powerful being who could manifest any reality she wanted?

Your guess is as good as mine. With any oracle card, the interpretation is constructed through the lens of the person receiving the reading. At this point in my life, the last question resonates most with me–in other words, if that pie is missing a piece, fill that sucker up. If I see myself as a powerful, capable person who accepts myself for who I am, what could be getting in my way except for my own negative self-talk?

This card represents one of the many spiritual mindfucks: Is the solution to our question rooted in acceptance or change? In the last week or so, my intuition has been screaming both to me, which makes me feel the answer isn’t ready to present itself yet. This doesn’t mean the contemplation ends, though, and the process of acquiring “new awareness” is always a possibility.


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