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Crystal of the Month: Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate- one of my first crystals ever.


The Blue Lace Agate came into my life at an imperative time. I was a teenager, and I had a tough time speaking my truth.  I was at odds with my dad and sporadically with my mom. I felt totally silenced and dismissed, because after all, I was *just a teenager. Ugh, high school was a pretty atrocious time.  And even though I knew that high school would certainly not last forever, it surely felt like a hellish ride.


My aunt must’ve known that I was having a tough time, particularly with the new father-daughter silence. And of course, my aunt did was she does best- she bought me a ton of crystals and said have at it!


The Blue Lace Agate was in that bunch. The smooth, marbled blue rock fit perfectly and unassumingly in my pocket. I carried it with me everywhere. Once I began to research its properties, both spiritual and physical, I made it into a necklace so that I could keep it near my throat chakra at all times.


Here’s the rundown on the Blue Lace Agate:


-The Blue Lace Agate is meant to soothe stressful situations brought on by communication blocks.

-If you are suffering from chronic sore throats, this is the stone for you. It will assist in the healing of throat-related ailments.

-This is a trust stone. Those who carry it value trust, as this stone helps foster a trusting and loyal being.

-The Blue Lace Agate helps to open one’s voice, unblocking the throat chakra.

-This stone helps one to channel a sense of oneness– a perfect stone for meditation.

Expression is released with the Blue Lace Agate. This allows the other chakras to align, creating a flow among them.

-This stone has protective properties. Carry it with you to preserve and protect your energy.

-This stone is the perfect stone for people who communicate for a living, as it helps to push back on the potential of burn-out.


For more information on the Blue Lace Agate (or any stone in the Agate family), visit your local metaphysical store.


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