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Energy Surf

Guest post by Jennifer Santoro. Learn more about Jennifer here.

Energy. So many ways to describe it.

On the spiritual path we tend to be exposed to the description and experience of energy. I have come to understand that everything is energy, and when I explore life through this lens it helps me learn how to flow with life, versus feeling stuck.

How we might experience energy in its different forms is through our body systems. There is the mental body, emotional body, physical body, and spiritual body. Each is its own individual energy flow, and at the same time each is interconnected to each other which helps create our full human experience. The more we raise our awareness to observing the flow of each of these bodies, the more we are able to experience the full flow of our lives. In the process of observing this, I have discovered the importance of learning to surf with the energy.

If you have ever surfed, you will know the importance of having reverence for the power of the wave. The bigger the wave, the more powerful it is, which means it can take you on the ride of your life or crush you. I have found that energy behaves very similar to water. It will flow through us in the feeling of waves. I have also found it is important to have a similar reverence for these waves, because they will lead us to living our best lives or they also have the ability to crush us when we don’t catch them and ride them out.

I have experienced that energy naturally flows and it does not like to stay stagnant. For example, when I used to suppress my emotions, it would always only be a matter of time before they exploded out of me like a bottle rocket (now I understand that was the emotional energy needing to flow). I have learned that when I catch the emotional waves as they come, they guide me to my inner Truth, and ultimately to my best life.

The same is true for my mental body. When I just allow my thoughts to flow without being attached to any outcome and without judging them as “good” or “bad”, they naturally flow to where they need to go. My physical body has a rhythm as well. It tells me when it’s time to eat, what foods it works best with, when it’s time to exercise, when it’s time to rest, etc. And, the spiritual body flows as a guiding source to my highest good. I’ve noticed that it always communicates gently to begin with, but when I don’t listen, it will help me manifest crazy scenarios in my life to get my attention, until I stop, listen, and embrace whatever lesson it is showing me.

The key that I have learned to all of this is to embrace the natural flow of these energy sources throughout my life, and instead of trying to block them (which only leads to getting crushed by them, over and over until I surrender to the natural flow of them), catch the wave of the energy as if I’m catching it on a surfboard, and to catch it without judgment, because it always takes me to the best places on my life’s journey.

Just like surfing, it takes practice. There have been waves a little too big, to where I still get crushed every now and then, but those moments have become less and less the better at energetic surfing I’ve become. And, on top of it, those waves that used to scare me, I now have confidence I can ride, and now simply enjoy the ride.

Surf’s Up!


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