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Uncovering Past Lives via Dreams [Dream Series: Part 1]

I cannot stop dreaming about Clewiston, Florida.


Several weeks ago, a good friend and I went on a very spontaneous hour-long road trip that landed us in the middle of the Annual Sugar Festival in Clewiston. As we rolled through Downtown, we cackled like two hyenas as we saw the Sugar Fest banner, strung across two pillars. What a stroke of luck.


Clewiston is real quaint. It’s a small town with lots of local charm. Streets are named after sugary puns. Garbage trucks advertise Clewiston as America’s Sweetest Town. Families recognized each other and waved from afar. Kids were running around craft stands with their neighbors. Women were selling handmade jewelry. The line for fried Oreos was about a mile long. I felt like I was in a beautiful dream.


Since leaving Clewiston, I cannot stop dreaming about this town. No, I’m not having reoccurring dreams about my time at the sugar festival. Instead, I’m dreaming about a different time– a time that never happened. At least, so I think.


After exploring, journaling, and revisiting my dreams about Clewiston, I can say with confidence that these dreams are sending me a direct message: I have once lived in this town in a past life.


So often, our dreams give us the tee without us consciously realizing it. Our subconscious selves reach a higher frequency that connects to spirit, thus allowing us to tap into a realm unknown to our conscious minds. Here, we can catch a glimpse into our voicemail inbox from Spirit. Press play, kittens. We’re going on a journey!


While our dreams are always connected to our active, present minds, how do we know if our dreams are sending us direct messages about past lives?  There are a few clues that can help us determine the difference between past life messages verses a subconscious display of our day-to-day happenings.



  1. Your dreams are repetitive and consistent. Your actions in your dream are familiar, yet you can feel that you are not in control.  (This is because you have limited control of the play button on your voicemail inbox.)
  2. The events in the dream are logical and unchanging. See: Not scattered. Again, this is because the messages are divinely ordered and out of your control.
  3. Historical details are revealed, and you may have zero clue about its relevance to you. In my Clewiston dreams, I am sitting in a saloon, playing an old guitar, singing a country tune. Also, I’m pretty sure in this dream, I’m a man. This brings me to my next point.
  4. There’s a solid chance that you’re seeing the dream through the eyes of someone other than yourself. Because I am seeing my Clewiston dreams through the eyes of a male cowboy/musician, I can assume that I once played this role. This also helps to explain why a New Jersey born girl (me) has always loved country and folk music. Not normal.
  5. Past life dreams help answer questions about our current behaviors, hobbies, outlooks, etc. (See prior explanation. All I’m sayin’ is, North Jersey does not have a country radio station.)
  6. A general feeling that the reoccurrence of said dream is hyper-symbolic. Trust your gut, always. If you feel that it’s a divinely-delivered dream from Spirit about your past lives, follow that guidance!



If you’ve ever had a dream that you believe is connected to a past life of yours, let us know! Our higher-consciousness is so thirsty for knowledge, and conversation can assist in uncovering key details. I’ll keep y’all updated on my Clewiston adventure. In the meantime, I’m going to continue to journal about these dreams, hoping to reveal a pattern of some sort.


Part II of the Dream Sequence Series is right ‘round the corner!


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