Aries Season


As #RTU’s resident Aries queen, I feel I have an obligation–a higher calling–a moral duty–a spiritual life purpose–(can you tell I’m an Aries?) to teach the world about my fiery self. If you have an Aries friend, you probably know it; Aries is one of the zodiac signs most proud to let you know exactly who we are, and we won’t let you forget it, henny. (Scorpios and Leos, stop rolling your eyes; for once this isn’t about you). xoxo

The season of Aries is about all of us. As the first sign in the zodiac calendar, the wave of Aries signifies new and exciting opportunities, perhaps even an opportunity for re-invention. I really believe the placement of Aries within the season of spring is no coincidence; just as the flowers begin to bloom and resurrect from the dead, an army of headstrong Aries folks are at their peak powers, probably trying to innovate, plan an adventure, or assert their unwavering independence in this world. That energy tends to rub off on others, who quickly understand that with all this Aries energy in the air, anything is possible.

Here is the quick-n-dirty of what you need to know about those of us with birthdays from March 21-April 19:

The good:

  • We are fun. So much fun. An Aries will be the friend in the group who decides where to go for dinner when everyone else is being wishy-washy, and we will provide constant entertainment in the car, at the restaurant, in line–wherever you need us to.
  • We are outrageously independent and usually give few fucks. This energy of liberation becomes an asset to our less confident or more traditional Earth sign friends who prefer to stay grounded in reality.
  • We are intensely passionate. You will rarely find an Aries do anything halfheartedly because we’ll either be completely enamored with something or bored with it if it doesn’t meet our standards.
  • We carry a lot of enthusiasm. When I have hung out in groups made predominantly of Aries folks, I have to make sure the roof doesn’t blow off the building. It is a loud gathering with lots of energy and positivity since we’ve probably planned minimally.

The bad:

  • The mood. Ohhh, the mood. When we’re mad, you will know it, because our brain becomes a forest fire and there won’t be enough water in the world to put it out. We tend to be impulsive with our reactions, so only a developed Aries can control knee-jerk responses.
  • We are super impatient. Aries, many of whom also identify as ENFPs, are classically known for not following through with activities we deem unimportant to us. I’ll mentally, yet casually, end a date with someone when I know it’s not going anywhere. Rational decision-making is not exactly our strong suit.
  • Self-absorption. I wish I could say this isn’t true, but it is: We love to be acknowledged for our innovation and hard work. To complement us is to reinforce our freedom, and we respond well to people who (obviously, to us) see our value. The elimination of ego is the part of my Aries identity that I struggle with the most.

The important:

  • We respond well to direct, straightforward people who seem stable, unapologetic, and know what they want.
  • Intellectually, emotionally, and sexually, adventure is a must. Any typical approach to a situation, thought, or idea is boring to us.
  • Many Aries are positional leaders, so we do experience some resistance to people telling us what to do because our ego thinks we can do it the best. Even if Aries aren’t calling the shots, we need to know our voice is heard.
  • Sometimes we overwork ourselves to the bone because measurable success is important to us. If someone approaches us with an intuitive lens, they can see a piece of insecurity at the heart of that work. My best friends and partners have been people I felt I didn’t need or want to impress, so I could actually relax and be present rather than trying to perform.
  • We are stereotyped for needing to be the first and best at everything. I fall out of the norm for this stereotype because competition isn’t important to me, but I can identify a need for relentless self-improvement to be the best version of myself, so the relentless pursuit of excellence does resonate with me.
  • Energy, risk, freedom, adventure, and innovation are important words for us.

Is all of the above information true for all people with a birthday from March 21-April 19? Nah, of course not. My brother and I have the same birthday (four years apart) and we are very different people, yet some qualities have manifested within us in different ways. But I do believe in the ability of sun signs to identify some of the core elements of personality and ways of being. I have friends of almost all zodiac signs, and even the most trustworthy compatibility charts can’t predict every relationship we have with one another. The important part of zodiac identity to me is our willingness to identify the way we interact, not defining the interaction.

Happy fire season to yinz!


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