Dispelling Negative Entities


My boyfriend and I have a ghost living in our upstairs guest bedroom. When we first decided to relocate our bedroom to the upstairs master bedroom, Brent and I couldn’t sleep a wink. Our minds were racing. Paranoia seeped in. I was left staring out the window all night, and he was staring down our staircase to the front door. We were creeped out by the closet. The dogs were unsettled, barking at any slight disturbance. This lasted for two weeks. Brent was the one to say it first. “I feel like someone’s watching us.” NOPE. BYE. We packed up our mattress and moved back to the downstairs bedroom where we came from.

While I recap this, I should make sure that I explain correctly- I use the term ghost as a cultural reference. I believe the ghost upstairs is a dark, stagnant energy that’s looming. Brent believes that it’s a trapped spirit. Regardless of the what, I am thinking of the how. 1. How did it get here? & 2. How do we release the energy from our home?

  1. How did it get there?

-There are lots of potentials for this answer. This energy could have been unintentionally placed there by prior residents before we moved in. We have zero information about the prior residents (except for some left over mail), and it may be that the occupant carried around a dark energy. Negative thoughts instill negative entities. (Jealousy, revenge, animosity, etc.)

-Brent or I may have taken it home with us. Emotionally, this has been a difficult year. We have been drained at work and by extraneous elements. When our auras are ‘off’ (see: exhausted, drained, filled with toxins like fast food and alcohol), our psychic force fields are weakened. We could have unintentionally placed that energy there.

-Or! A good ol’ fashioned Voodoo attack is always a classic route.

Regardless of how it got there, it needed to go.

  1. How do we release the energy from our home?

There are lots of ways! And trust me, I’m trying them all.

-I’ve been smudging the room with a bundle of sage. Being fully grounded and mentally present, I walk around the space, windows open, fans blowin’, and clear the room of the stagnant, psychic debris. I say a prayer or mantra. I move around the room in a circular motion with the burning sage. After the cleansing, I pass smoke over myself to cleanse my energy. I don’t need no spirit latchin’ on to this gal.

-I keep my black tourmaline crystal in that space, as well. This gem assists in releasing negative and dark energies.

-I always enter the room with loving intention. I envision myself protected by white light, which will repel negative forces. I practice mindful severing of negative emotions or intentions.

If you suspect that there may be a dark force in your space, ask yourself these questions:

Are you experiencing emotional instability?

For example: are you acting out of character? Are you developing irrational fears? Are you struggling with your relationships? Have you suddenly lost your confidence? Are you having frequent nightmares?

-Are you constantly exhausted, no matter what you try?

Are you feeling a presence in the room with you when you are alone?

-Are you losing clarity of vision?

-Are you finding yourself obsessing over negative thoughts often?

Girlfran. If any of these apply to you, and you are truly sensing that there is some dark entities looming, go pick up some white sage at your local metaphysical shop and clear your space! I’ll keep you all updated as Brent and I continue to keep the upstairs ghost at bay.


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