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“What Could Be” verses “What’s Here Now”

I struggle with living in the present. Actually, it is almost impossible for me to not have a plan for the next five minutes. The next week. The next five years. (For my fellow MBTI fans, I am 100% N, 0% S. This means that my intuitive, future-thinking cognitive functions are running overtime, and my present-minded brain is nonexistent. Whoops.)  While I credit my “N” function for keeping me on my toes and making me HYPER aware of others and their intentions, it is also to blame for a lot of my faults. One of them being my “What Could Be” brain.

My “What Could Be” brain is why I know the real estate averages around random pockets of the US. My “What Could Be” brain is why I know the required GRE scores for Arizona State’s Gender Studies PhD program. My “What Could Be” keeps me dreaming and guessing and wishing and hoping. And it’s fun. Until it’s not.

My “What Could Be” brain also keeps me out of touch with the world that is happening around me. It separates me from the here-n-now. In fact, it keeps me from appreciating the CURRENT wonderful life that I have created for myself. It prevents me from enjoying my successes. It keeps me in a constant state of five minutes from now.

If you are anything like me, let’s chat. I bet we could have a good time laughing about the insane life schemes that we’ve come up with in our lifetimes.  Oh, you wanted to open up a coffee meets meditation shop in Oregon? Me too! You wanted to get your certification in metaphysical dog wedding planning? Same! Let’s be friends. (but only if we both seek help, because we need it.)

I have found that meditation is absolute key. Becoming a present-minded individual will be extremely hard if you are not putting in the work. You need to sit with yourself in absolutely quiet and breathe. Observe your surroundings. Where are you? Do you like the space that you’re in? Are there any smells? Can you hear your spirit guides chatting with you? Remember to breathe!

Another helpful tool that you can use in addition to meditation is speaking out your appreciation into the world. (I usually sit with my dog, Clementine, and recap all of the good things that we’ve manifested together! Like our home, and my dream job, and granola dog treats.) It’s amazing how uplifting it can be to speak gratitude into the world. It’s incredibly humbling too, because once I’ve listed off a few things, I’ll sit back and think dang. My present reality is pretty legit right now. Even if there are components occurring that are not super fantastic in my life, the focus on the good always brings me back to center. It’s so legit, y’all. Please try it.

For my intuitive, future-obsessers out there, what types of tools do you use to bring yourself back to the moment? And for my already-present-minded-masters, what kind of advice can you bestow upon us “N” MBTI functioning types? Reach out. We could really use a hand.


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