Regain Your Sense of Self


Disconnecting Is Not Always A Bad Thing.

When we hear the word, disconnection, we tend to view it as a harsh removal from everything. Having connections (professionally, personally, spiritually) is seen as a good thing, so naturally, disconnection must be the opposite. I am here to say that this is not always true.  Taking some time to temporarily disconnect can be healthy, and sometimes necessary, in order to reevaluate and determine some unknown factors (see: sources of stress, anxiety, fear, complacency, etc.)

Disconnection can manifest in a multitude of ways. Healthy modes of temporary disconnection include:

  1. Disconnection from social media– I cannot begin to tell you the amount of times I’ve debated trading in my iPhone for an old school Nokia. (If the new 2017 Nokias were coming to the US, we’d be in trouble.) When I am not constantly checking Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook, I am present in the moment. This can be so refreshing for the soul. We can become so clouded with the media messages that we lose sight of what’s truly important to us. Log out for a day. Maybe even delete the apps from your phone. Hold yourself accountable to this. See if you are able to come back to center.
  2. Disconnection from the concrete jungle- Spending time in nature is usually exactly what the doctor ordered. My happy place is the beach. If I am feeling sluggish or extremely low-energy for a string of days, I’ll schedule in a quick road trip to the coast. Salt water is my cure. I know that Juan is always revitalized by his park visits with his pup. We all have our happy place- find one in nature (and maybe put your phone on silent for added bonus points.)
  3. Disconnection from the future- This one is tricky. For an INFJ gal like myself, sometimes a break from my own brain is exactly what I need. I live in the future 100%. While I can attribute my successes to my visionary mindset, I can let this foresight spiral out of control. I become obsessed with the “what could be” and I lose sight of the here-&-now. For my future-focused friends, a meditative practice can help bring you back to the present. A good session with never fails.
  4. Disconnection from people and their opinions- You know exactly who I’m talking about. I’m talking about people who feel that they can voice their opinions about you whenever they please. This may or may not include family, long-time friends, significant others, perhaps. Gain some space. Take some time for you. (Note: Do not cut these people out if you find their relationship valuable. If you do not find their relationship valuable, then I would encourage you to visit Juan’s post, Scissor Emoji x3 ) No one can tell you what is right for you. Insight is always important, but at the end of the day, your life is yours. Take time to channel your inner voice and press pause on the opinions of others.
  5. Disconnection from your own critic- Our arch-nemesis. The inner critic. As time has passed, I am able to decipher the difference between gut instinct, messages from spirit guides, and fear. This doesn’t mean that they all don’t make frequent appearances. I am constantly having to determine why my inner voice is turning on me. It may be a fleeting negative body image comment or an insecure comment about my writing. Lately, my inner critic has been running rampant with my triathlon training. During a run, I am consistently conversing with my inner critic. While it’s saying, “You think you can do this? You’ve always been the out-of-shape kid. You’ll never be able to do this,” I can recognize that this is not my true self speaking. I can now combat this voice with loving affirmations. My favorite one lately has been, “You are deserving of everything good.” And as I repeat in my mind (or sometimes aloud), I am able to beat that inner critic. I encourage you to come up with your own affirmations that allow you to disconnect from that inner critic.

I’m curious! Have you ever taken a social media break? Did you find that it helped? What about other forms of disconnection? What are you experiences with positive affirmations? Feel free to comment!


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