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Benefits of Black Tourmaline

Today, I made the trek to Panama City Beach.  As I’m lying on my hotel room bed, overlooking the beautiful parking lot (I was so close to a waterfront view!), a black tourmaline crystal is placed behind my back. Whenever I travel to the water, whether it is ocean or gulf or river or lake, I can feel my spirit unravel just a teeny bit. My soul is pulled to the water. It’s like cat nip. When I see it, all I want to do is uproot my entire life and reestablish myself at the beach.

Black Tourmaline keeps me in check, y’all. The mecca of all grounding stones, the black tourmz keeps me earthy and stable. Because of its electrical charges, BT keeps my mind objective and rational. We all know that for me, the extremist, maintaining a rational mindset is a challenge. Perhaps, the biggest challenge. But regardless, I am able to focus on my inner strength when I’m meditating with this stone.

An extra additive with the B. Tourmz is that it protects against 1) evil spirits, 2) draining, vampire-like energy, and 3) technology smog.  I like to keep a black tourmaline on me or near my computer whenever I’m writing.  During work, I try to keep one near my work computer so that I can recharge when I’m feeling drained. This stone helps if you are forced to surround yourself with people who are perpetual whiners.

We ain’t done, kitten. The Black Tourmaline is loaded with physical properties that benefit your physical being. Excellent for back probs (including spine alignment), the BT helps with your grounding appendages, like legs, feet, knees, etc. I’ve been having some wonky back problems as of late, and BT has been helping a ton with that.

If you haven’t already done so, I HIGHLY encourage you to pick up a black tourmaline at your local metaphysic shop! It’s honestly a must-have for folks who need some protecting.


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