Unlocking Childhood Memories [PODCAST]


Oh yes. We are going iiiiiiin, y’all! In this episode, Sisters Juan and Charisey are getting all sugared up to channel their inner child. Using an activity from the book, “Unlocking The Secrets Of Your Childhood Memories” by Dr. Kevin Leman and Randy Carlson, Juan conducts an experiment on Charise to see how some hidden & suppressed childhood memories have actually revealed key indicators of current personality, fears, hopes, dreams, all of it.  As adults, we think that we have changed so much from our childhood selves, but actually, that is not the case. Come along for the ride as Charise uncovers some deep-seated shit, laughs about it, pretends it’s all okay, and then Juan analyzes it. What else is new?

#cupcake #cupcake #daddyissues #cupcake #barbeque #teacher #realtalkuniverse


Post-listen reflections– Charise currently hangs a piñata in her classroom to represent a famous analogy that Juan developed in 2014. Relevant.



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