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The Temptation of Fear

For all you Harry Potter fans out there, you’ll get a kick out of this one! The other night I fell into a deep sleep and had a dream that Voldemort wanted to date me. Yes, the Dark Lord himself, He Who Must Not Be Named, was like, “Hey girl! What you doin’ Friday night?”

When I woke up, I laid there with the reaction, “What was THAT all about? Oh subconscious…you always know how to get my attention! Ha!” I found it fascinating that He Who Must Not Be Named wanted to date me versus … well, you know… kill me. I took a moment to allow myself to feel flattered, chuckled to myself a little bit and wondered how one gently turns down the Dark Lord. The guy wasn’t really into actual partnership, if you know what I mean.

I always enjoy dream interpretation, because our subconscious communicates so much when we can crack its codes. So I sat in meditation and allowed the interpretation to flow. Now I think everyone will have different interpretations of what this dream can mean, and I will share with you what I took away from it.

Voldemort is fear personified for me. He represents all that strikes fear into our hearts and what holds us back from living our best lives. It dawned on me that fear doesn’t always make itself well known at first. Like I mentioned before, I thought it was fascinating that this personification of fear wanted to date me. It didn’t try to overtly take control over me; instead it tempted me with a harmless date.

Well played subconscious! Well played! It was easy for me to see the path dating Voldemort would take me. It’d turn out to be all about him, with complete disregard for me, and my needs. (All the while him telling me, it was all for my own good.) He would begin to show controlling behaviors over me as the relationship progressed, and attempt to control me to do his will…versus being supportive of my own will and my own best life. And, let’s be real…ultimately lead to my demise. Well…isn’t that just how fear operates in us as well?

The only thing that holds us back from living in our potential and living our best lives is, fear. And, I began to realize, how clever fear can be. For example, I am an entrepreneur and recently took another huge step out of my comfort zone. I don’t feel overtly fearful, however, I can see now (after this dream) that fear is tempting me with a date. It is very subtle, but there is a tiny, little voice that has started up with, “Can you REALLY do this? Do you ACTUALLY have what it takes? I don’t know, that seems pretty scary what you are taking on, it’s too far outside of the comfort zone.” That little voice has complete disregard for my TRUE wellbeing and my potential, and if I don’t become aware of it now, before I know it, it will become a much louder controlling voice, and will control my day-to-day choices and actions.

This dream helped me realize that I would like to stay on the offensive when it comes to fear and to practice strong healthy boundaries with it. As we are taught, there are two paths to choose from: one of fear and one of love. Therefore, I can choose to say to fear, “Thank you for that viewpoint, I have taken it into consideration, but I am in fact safe, and I am going to continue on my path of full potential anyway. I am going to continue to choose to LOVE myself, because Love believes in me and supports me. Love Truly has my back. And, the kicker is, that I can love you too fear. I can love you for trying to interpret what is ‘safe’ for me, but I cannot allow you to call the shots in my life.”

So when the choice shows itself time and time again, I will choose to walk my path with Love.

In closing, what did J.K. Rowling show us was the only force strong enough to overcome He Who Must Not Be Named? LOVE. So how does one turn down dating Voldemort? By BEING strong and fierce unconditional LOVE in this world.

Wishing you the very best for your path! Remember fear and love are a choice, and we have control over which we choose moment to moment. 🙂

Shine Bright Y’all!   -Jennifer


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