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Sacred Places & Spaces

Hi, Real Talk Universe Family. It has been a weird week over here. Actually, now that I’m trying to pinpoint the exact moment when the ‘weirdness’ started, this weirdness has lingered for months. Whoops. I edit- It has been a weird “time” over here at Chez RTU.

The holidays are always a weird time. Family and consistent travel are stressful for me. The election came and went, and having to navigate those types of conversations with teenagers was/is taxing and weighs heavy on my soul. Lacrosse season has started, so my man and I are seeing way less of each other. And aside from all of those things, January/February are my most shakable months of the year (until we hit March, which is my THRIVE month!).

Because of this weirdness, I have found myself spending more time alone. If you know me personally, you know that I am a serious introvert who equates alone time with a frosted donut or play time with a puppy. Alone time is just that important to me. Most days, I have found myself in my loft, writing at my desk (my current location, actually), while I totally zone into my own thoughts. But when I’m feeling moody and antsy? I normally go to Lake Ella. There, you can find me plugged into my music and soaking up the beauty and ratchet-ness of our city lake.

When I leave these locations, I feel a little more balanced than I did before I got there. I feel reenergized and ready to use the logic side of my brain, instead of my feisty, spit-fire side by default.

Where do you go when things get weird? And if you know the answer but you are not going there, why not? How can you find the time to pop in once or twice a week (or day) depending on the severity of your imbalance? I encourage you to find those spots and rekindle your love for them. You will be amazed by how your soul will thank you!


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