How I Became So G-Dang Obsessed with MBTI


It was the summer of 2011, and I was entering my senior year at FSU. I needed to fulfill my final summer credit requirement with two on-campus speech classes (both classes ended up changing my life, [See: Read This intro letter] but that’s a story for another day) and in the midst of this obscure summer, I totally, completely, utterly alone. I had broken up with my long-term boyfriend only a couple months prior, and I was living off-campus in a subleased room that one of my sorority sisters leased out. I was not working this summer. I was floating by. I was drinking lots of coffee. I was daydreaming of lots of tattoos. I was writing a lot, so I was reflecting a lot.

In this midst of my loneliness, I received a Facebook message from a distant friend who I hadn’t spoken with since high school. He was living in New York City and working for a major tech company at the time. His life was fascinating to me (particularly because mine seemed so “drab”), and I loved catching up with this guy.  During one of our late-night convos, he asked “Have you ever taken the Myers Briggs Test?” Cut To: Charise’s life changed forever.

After asking me a bunch of questions, he sent me a link, and said, “I think this is you.”

I was in a state of shock. Reading this description of an “INFJ” was terrifyingly accurate. It was like someone had been watching me my entire life and wrote a summary report on my personality. I had never felt so understood in all my life.

Since that moment, I became obsessed with MBTI. I studied it. I learned everything about every personality. Because of this new knowledge, I began to fine-tune my observation skills. I began to understand what motivated the people close to me. I began to understand why people made certain decisions. I felt like I was able to connect with others instantly. This framework allowed me to deeply assess my own understanding of myself by focusing on my strengths.

Okay. Phew. Now that I’ve pumped this up dramatically for y’all, here’s a quick breakdown of the test.

The test clues you into four aspects of one’s personality:

  1. Energy (Introverted/Extroverted)
  2. Cognition (Intuitive/Sensing)
  3. Decision-making (Thinking/Feeling)
  4. Lifestyle (Judging/Perceiver)

The first letter: I/E

How do you gain your energy?

Do you like being alone? I

Do you gain energy around others? E


The second letter: N/S

How do you view the world?

Are you a visionary? Big picture? Mentally live in the future? N

Are you detail-oriented? Present-minded? S


The third letter: T/F

How do you primarily make big time decisions?

Logic? What makes sense? T

Gut instinct/feeling? F


The fourth letter: J/P

How do you live out our day to day?

Are you a procrastinator? Go with the flow? P

Are you more ‘type A’? Prefer structure? J


If you are not already MBTI obsessed like I am, I encourage you to take the test on and read up on yourself! It never hurts to understand yourself a lil’ bit more.


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