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Vision Boards

A few nights ago, Charise and I got crafty and made ourselves some vision boards. Vision boards aren’t too uncommon anymore; they’re one of the most entertaining and interesting ways to manifest some serious intentions. I went to a local art supply collective in town and bought patterned paper that resonated with me, searched for photos that gave visual meaning to my deepest desires, and chose a cute used frame ($2 steal) to house my vision. The cute frame ended up being way too small, so luckily Charise was kind enough to buy me a bigger board for ‘dem bigger dreamz.

There are a million articles out there about how to create a vision board. At the risk of repeating what we already know (buy the board, cut and glue the images, meditate on the board), perhaps it would be more helpful to discuss the process of selecting the images we used to create our visions. Our finished products are below:


When I created my board, I needed to remember that every image I chose represented a contract with the universe. If you are going to channel your deepest desires into one concentrated area, it only complicates the clarity of the board if there are any pieces you aren’t in love with. It’s like a genie granting us a wish–but they’re only able to make the wish come true if they know what we want. My wishes, visions, and dreams are zoomed in below.


The way we choose to visually represent our desires is important. Here are some ways I made my choices:

Abundance: I know that I’d love some increased financial wealth that would help me pursue other projects (such as this blog), but I didn’t want to use money signs to represent prosperity. Instead, to me, the idea of abundance means I have what I need in order to satisfy my purposes, so the goal isn’t acquiring all the money; it’s acquiring enough money. My representation for abundance and prosperity is the word art at the top center: “An attitude of gratitude invites abundance and prosperity.”

Strength: I’ve always wanted my body to feel stronger, but it seemed against my values to put a photo of a man with muscles to represent strength. I understand I am more than my body. I understand a man with huge muscles can be the most fragile. To represent my quest for internal and external strength, I chose an angel card (top right) that frames strength in a special way: “Strength and grace through kindness. Self-confidence. Forgiveness.”

Romance: There’s a whole lotta gay in the bottom right corner of my board. It was important for me to find the best images I could that didn’t show a gay couple from the front, mostly because I didn’t want to see their faces. My understanding is that it would indicate I am looking for a person that looks a specific way, rather than trusting that person will be the kind of person I want them to be.

Spirituality: There are lots of wonderful images pointing to a spiritual nature. On the bottom right, we have a women’s goddess/mysticism collage, an area of spirituality I’d like to learn more about in time. On the left side, we see circles of spiritual conversation and thought. The log cabin represents the dream of what Real Talk Universe would look like in a facility where we could host spiritual retreats. The photo of a beach at night (specifically Barceloneta beach in Barcelona, Spain, which is my favorite city in the world) indicates my openness to a further connection with that city through a spiritual context.

Career: I specifically selected the angel cards about teaching, spiritual teaching, writing, and books because I want to manifest a career that hosts all of the above. I would love to be an author who can facilitate conversations about spirituality, teaching people through dialogue and creating community. One of my favorite images on the whole board is the dad holding his son at his book signing. I want a book signing! A child pops up in two different places on the board, showing the universe that I do believe I can have children and find success in my career.

Identity Symbols: Black Lives Matter, the LGBTQ+ pride flag, and the Spanish flag all represent processes and goals. I strive to learn more and do more among these communities. The law of attraction angel card and purpose diagram aims to connect all those symbols and purposes. What would it look like to grow in solidarity and take more action in my life? How does action and advocacy relate to the six core values I typed for the board: quality, truth, freedom, community, authenticity, and purpose?

I encourage you to create a vision board if you don’t already have one. Last night I fell asleep thinking about the relationship between gratitude, abundance, and prosperity, thanking the universe for damn near anything and everything. Tonight I plan on thinking about the law of attraction, wondering what I will do tomorrow to attract the kind of energy I’m looking for. We are what we seek, ya know?



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