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Harmonious Haven: Green Amethyst

The crystal of the month is green amethyst. I came across this crystal in a super bizarre way. I was remodeling my laundry closet, and as I was throwing away all of the nonsense that I had hoarded (see: Spring Cleaning Post), I found a plain, paper gift bag. I reached into the bag, and viola! There it was, in a little baggy, waiting for me.  I have zero memory of receiving or purchasing this crystal, but I instantly knew it was a sign. Not only is this crystal BEAUTIFUL (it looks like something you’d find at the bottom of a pristine lake), it is wicked powerful. Here’s the stats:

Green Amethyst:

Its connection with the heart will clear away disharmonious energy and open one to total love and compassion.  Will link the energy of the heart to the crown chakra.

Additional Healing Properties:

Physical: Aids in endocrine glands, helping to keep the body balanced.

Emotional: Assists in helping one express personal emotions

Spiritual: Activates your inner vision and 3rd eye, encourages one to take actions and connects to Mother Earth.

During this rainy weekend, I’ve kept this crystal close, as I’ve been writing up a storm (haha), thus connecting with my personal emotions.  If any of these characteristics appeal to you (especially if you need some crown chakra work), check out the green amethyst at your local metaphysical shop!


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