Level 1 Souls


Development looks many different ways to many different people. Some people would define development as maturity, good taste, rationality, contribution to the world, and understanding of self. Other people would say that development means finding ways to be more successful, making more money, taking more vacations, and exerting more influence on the world. Of course, we at RTU would defer to the first conception of development as the more healthy one, BUT we recognize that one size will not fit all.

How do we know? In Journey of Souls, Michael Newton classifies souls into different levels based in the soul’s development. Beginning souls, which include Level Ones, have not incarnated many times. Statistically, they likely comprise 75% of the world, which speaks volumes about the war, terror, chaos, and poor judgment of many people in this (Level One) world! To clarify, we’re not talking about levels of success; there can be (and likely are) people with less education and less wealth who have advanced to higher soul stages. Perhaps we can recognize that people who strive for money, power, and prestige as the ultimate and only outcome for success are on the lower and of the soul development spectrum.

I promise I’m not being shady and judgey. Think about it: souls who have incarnated fewer times have less cosmic experience under their belts. Level One souls are more likely to be careless, destructive, or self-absorbed as they adjust to the higher vibrations and healing energy of higher-level souls. They have inevitably made mistakes during their first incarnations, as we all do, and they must reincarnate so they can equalize the karmic imbalance of their beginning lifetimes. Consider how Bella in Twilight had an unquenchable thirst for blood when she first became a vampire. Her actions were an extreme version of her true nature until she could gain more experience in her new identity and mellow da fuck out.

The Level Ones are everywhere. I say this with love and growing patience. If you consider yourself a more advanced soul, you might feel exhausted at the idea that others can seem immature, impractical, or delusional. When I see someone in line be rude to a Pub Sub maker, for example, I try to resist thinking, “Ugh, there’s that level one attitude.” This is because advanced souls conquered virtues like patience, understanding, and reason long ago. The search for meaning, purpose, and authenticity isn’t as challenging for an advanced soul, but for a beginning soul, living an authentic life might not be a priority. Maybe this beginning soul hasn’t been modeled a way of being that prioritizes depth and value. Maybe they have and they just don’t care. Regardless, we are wise to remember that everyone is on their own cosmic journey, and we’re seeing people at one tiny rest stop on very long highway of existence. (But: there’s never an excuse to be rude to a Pub Sub maker.)

This cool Shamanism website outlined comparable soul levels with some language to help people determine where they might be at developmentally. It says, “Having multiple bodies allows us to experience multiple cultures, races, genders, family setups, time frames, and orientations. Just because we have multiple bodies does not mean we are not cohesive souls that are ultimately one with Spirit. Remember, this is only a game we are playing with the illusion of multiplicity of soul ages and variety of experiences.”

Where are you on their spectrum of seven stages?

1. Infant soul Survival oriented Me
2. Toddler soul Rule oriented Me and you
3. Young soul or child Success oriented Me and you, and I win
4. Mature soul or adolescent soul Relationship oriented Me and you, and I know how you feel
5. Old soul or adult soul Philosophically oriented Me and you, and we are both part of something bigger
6. Transcendental soul “We” oriented There is only we or us
7. Infinite soul “I am” oriented I am who I am

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