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Painful truths.

The truth can be painful af. Before our holiday break, I had a friend of mine ask if she could vent to me about her “worst day ever”.  I sat and listened to her spill her guts about the unfortunate events of the day, and I studied the language that she used very carefully.  After a 10 minute rant-sesh, I asked her if she wanted feedback or nah, and she said “Yes! Of Course. Please.” Before I told her my views of her situation, I said, “…you sure?” And she chuckled and said, “Uh-oh. This is going to be rough, isn’t it?”

I spent some time breaking down the events that she described. I made sure to use the language that she used. I was so careful to paint a picture of truth, not exaggeration. And I could see the tears welling up in her eyes, but she knew what was coming next- “You are blaming everyone else for this awful day, while in actuality, you had complete control over this reality.”


After her breakdown, we recapped on why her reaction was so strong to my commentary. “I got upset because I knew that it was my fault. I just didn’t want to hear it.”

Yes. The truth can be painful, and that’s okay. Our reactions to its reality can show us a lot about how we handle pain, and whether if we’re sitting on the train to delusion or naw. Sometimes, it takes a good friend to snap us back to reality (i.e. Juan-Juan), or maybe it takes some serious journaling. Or a good run around the block. Or an isolated drive out to the country. Or it may take more than a few hours to recoup- it may take months or years to overcome the pain of truth. And that’s okay. We all go at our own pace, because we all have our own truth.


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