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What Is The Opposite Of Fear?

During an individual activity in class, I had one of my clearly intuitive students as me a “totally unrelated” question.

“Ms. Kollar, what is the opposite of fear?”

Whoa. I put a lot of thought in it before I answered, “Comfort”

“Hmmm, I don’t know if that’s right.”

“Why isn’t it right?”

“Well, I mean…” {cue student’s mental gears grinding] “Hm, I guess it could be.”

And this moment sparked a whole conversation about how one’s answer to that question [what is the opposite of fear?] could potentially one’s core motivating and grounding values.

After school, the first question I asked Brent was, “What is the opposite of fear?” and he thought for a second and then answered, “Hope”. Oooooooh, man. I was so excited to have this conversation with him. Of course his answer would be “hope”! He is the most optimistic soul on this earth.  Hope would totally be one of his core motivating values.

Your daily challenge- Ask yourself this question. Reflect however you’d like to on why that is your answer. How does this answer play a role in your life? Are you lacking this? Or is it abundantly present in your life? Check in with us and let us know what you find!


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