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Spiritual spring cleaning: objects

Spring cleaning ain’t just for dust bunnies, soul frands; it’s also a matter of spirit. My friends and I love saying, We always come back strong in the spring, a phrase coined by Daniela, shamelessly spread by me, and tattooed by Charise. And it’s true: Spring is a seasonal time of renew and regrowth, helping us defrost from our icy winters, and healing us so we can play carefree in the summertime.

Simply put, spiritual spring cleaning is a time for recalibration–cleaning out a whole bunch of useless shit, whether that shit is mental, physical, or emotional. In spiritual spring cleaning, we ask ourselves, “What no longer serves me? How can I dismiss what no longer serves me so I can make room for what I actually deserve?” This week, that takes the form of object association and removal.

In Denise Linn’s Soul Coaching, she begins Air Week with a challenge to start clearing the clutter. Physical objects can clutter the mind as well as carry negative energy depending on where/when/why/how you acquired them. Through the process of de-cluttering, the soul performs a spiritual re-calibration, finding joy in what stays and biding a peaceful farewell to what has to go. Here’s how Denise describes that process:

Affirmation: Begin clearing your spaces by meditating on the sentence, “I am clearing all I do not need out of my life.”

Gameplan: Start with one area of your home–a closet, bathroom, car, etc.–and keep a big garbage or donation bag by your side. As you examine everything, from dresser drawers to shoeboxes to piles of junk mail, use the motto: “Use it, love it, or get rid of it.” It may take many days or weekends to complete the whole house, car, office, and other areas, but it’s worth it.

Assessment: What energy do you feel when you appraise each object, article of clothing, dish, book, etc.? If positive energy floods your brain when you see it, keep it. If you immediately respond negatively to it–a shirt you think hides your beauty, pants that don’t fit, a plate with a crack in it that you hope guests never find, a lampshade given to you by an ex that serves a pragmatic purpose but always reminds you of that sad motherfucker (Can you tell that one was a personal example?)–toss it and never look back. The concept of “surrounding yourself with positive” energy isn’t just about people; it’s about the physical things you allow in your presence.

Replacement: Turn the bad or unproductive energies into good ones. If you have the money, buy a new, beautiful set of shoes you’d love to wear instead of the ones you trip in all the time. Take a new photo with friends and put it in the vacant picture frame left by a photo that didn’t resonate with you. Find a bathroom organizer to hold the lotions, soaps, and bottles that stress you out when they scatter around the counter.

Healthy physical spaces light the way for healthy mental and spiritual spaces, y’all. Carve out 4 hours of a Saturday afternoon, buy your black garbage bags and a Venti iced coffee to keep you going, and get to work! Your best life is waiting for you to find it.


3 thoughts on “Spiritual spring cleaning: objects

  1. Yet another RTU post that I needed, so desperately! I’m actually moving out of my house and downsizing within the next two weeks… if that ain’t Spring Cleanin’ idk what is! V stressed out and the negative energy sneaks its way into every cheerful thought about the move but I think when it’s done it’s done and it’ll be a fresh, new start. (BF & I have coined 2017 the year we get our shit together)


    1. Yass, Coral! Best of luck with your sprang claynin’. The beauty of a new home is that you make the choice to let everything into it. If you’re still making decisions on some items, I’d sort through the piles outside if you’re able — don’t even bring them into the new space until you are 100% convinced!


  2. Oh yes!!! I’ve “cleared” my little house 5 times in 6 years & I’ve still got so much clutter!! My friends & granddaughter have helped me because it’s so hard for me to do. This article says it like it is & has turned up the gas under my pilot light!! I’m doing it this time…. even if I have to read this 5 times a day. Thank you.😃 💕


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