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Calming Crystal: White Howlite

Welcome to our first segment of Crystal of the Month. For the month of January, we are going to dive into the benefits of the White Howlite crystal.  This year for Christmas, Aunt Cathy gifted me a White Howlite, along with a white calming candle. It makes sense for the two to come as a pair; this speaks to the White Howlite’s powerful calming capabilities. Linked to the Crown Chakra, the White Howlite assists in the release of stress, self-critical thoughts, and anxiousness. Lord knows we all need a little bit of that! Additionally, this crystal heightens one’s creative senses and self-expression.

Physically, White Howlite is the peerrrrrrrfect crystal to grab if you are experiencing chronic pain. (I wear this at work, not only to establish my calm, but also to relieve the chronic pain [from stress] in my left shoulder.) It’s also wonderful for strengthening the bones and teeth.

White Howlite eases the chaos in both one’s mental and physical spaces. If achieving “calm” is your thing, I highly encourage you to make a trip to your local metaphysical shop and ask for a White Howlite!



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