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Coping Mechanisms: Make ‘Em Healthy

Let me throw several scenarios your way. Your boss tells you that you need to step up your game. Your significant other is beginning to feel distant. Your family is constantly challenging your values and during family dinner, one of those comments finally strikes a major chord.

How do you react? What do you do?  And when all is said and done, what are your coping mechanisms?

When that anger/fear/stress button is pressed in my head (See: the movie, Inside Out), I immediately need to talk it out with either someone close to me and to the person who invalidated that value. My second go-to coping mechanism: imagination. I love to imagine what life would be like if this situation never happened or if I lived a completely different life to where this situation would never be an option ever, ever again.

I know that others can be way different. Some people need to sit in silence. Others need to immediately begin doing something physical, like cleaning the house and playing basketball. Others engage in less healthful practices, like angry outbursts that instill fear in others, or physically harming others or oneself.

The take-away:  The next time that your anger/fear/stress button is pressed in your brain, observe your next move.  How are you coping with these emotion? If you are seeing that these practices could use some serious work, see Juan’s counseling post. Gaining a fresh perspective could be the best thing for you. When in doubt, always try to keep your methods are healthy as possible!


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