Stop Being A Brat. Manifest Positivity.


Getting what you want (& in the nicest way possible) was inspired by my personal reflection on my various work experiences. I have seen some cut-throat stuff, as I’m sure most of us have in different facets of life. In my first years of teaching, I saw superiors create unhealthful, competitive work environments that pit coworkers against one another. I have been completely submerged in negative speak through most of my career.  In the beginning of my career, I was the instigator of that negative speak. I enjoyed sitting in that pile of sadness, all the while bringing others with me. And that didn’t get me nowherez. So, in the current state of my career, I am the listener. And I have found that I am getting more of what I want (more abundance, more gratitude, more humbleness, more experience, more fulfillment) in this current state than in my past Negative Nancy state. And the folks that have persisted with the negative speak? All they put out into the world is this unbalanced presence of frustration and sadness.

Juan and I speak a lot about this in our first podcast about Manifesting Energy. We truly have more power than we realize. Sadly though, we have conflated power with hostility and aggression. We see this in our careers, in politics, in family dynamics. But when it comes down to genuinely gaining power, this logic is totally flawed. We gain more power and self-respect by being in tune with ourselves and differentiating between our authentic wants and needs. We can still be nice and get exactly what our souls need. We can still seek the truth in our lives and feel peace within. Without this inner peace (and outward ‘niceness’), our souls will forever be on the struggle bus to obtaining manipulative power and control. Nah, bruh. There’s always a better way.


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