Spiritual power playlist


You already know the soul loves music. Singing, playing, and dancing to music is a powerful third space that connects people effortlessly. Why would dozens of strangers at a wedding feel comfortable acting a fool in front of each other on the dance floor (besides the booze)? Why would people at a concert join hands and sway side to side with people who voted differently from them in a presidential election? Why would people who have known each other for five minutes feel in sync at the beginning of a cross-country road trip? Well, friends, it’s because music has the power to transcend difference.

Like many people, I have a spiritual connection to my music. I’m not saying my entire iTunes library gives me existential meaning and purpose (because is that really what “S&M” by Rihanna is meant to do? Maybe.), but my coveted tracks are irreplaceable in my personal narrative. Whether I’m driving, taking a bath, walking my dog, or even washing my dishes, I know that my sentimental moods yearn for the artists, lyrics, and melodies that make my soul feel free. Listening to my songs can make me feel weightless, magnifying the power of a particular moment or memory with its presence.

I call this collection of songs my spiritual power playlist. We all deserve to have one, and I expect them to look very different from one another. An empowering song to me might mean nothing to you, but you better believe that when mah song comes on, I am entranced with bliss, like I’m swinging on a tire swing in cut off jeans in the middle of the desert like Lana Del Rey in “Ride.”

Here are my spiritual power playlist tracks at the moment:

“Money Power Glory” – Lana Del Rey
“The Perfect Space” – The Avett Brothers
“Gods & Monsters” – Lana Del Rey
“Old Money” – Lana Del Rey
“King and Lionheart” – Of Monsters and Men
“California King Bed” – Rihanna
“What This World is Coming To” – Nate Ruess
“Florida Kilos” – Lana Del Rey
“Virginia May” – Gregory Alan Isakov
“Living Proof” – Gregory Alan Isakov
“Yoü & I” – Lady Gaga
“AhHa” – Nate Ruess
“A World Alone” – Lorde
“Go To Sleep” – The Avett Brothers
 “Ride” – Lana Del Rey

As a spiritualist, I believe my attention to music is a form of prayer. Maybe it’s midnight and I’m driving with the widows down along A1A, and the only song that seems to fit the occasion is “Gods & Monsters.” Maybe I’m staring mesmerizingly into a sticky summer sunset, and “Florida Kilos” makes the moment magical. Maybe I’m driving through the backroads of North Carolina, appreciating the rustic nature of our world, and “Living Proof” damn near gives me an outer-body moment. You can’t fabricate those feelings.

If you don’t have a spiritual power playlist, I encourage you to make one. It’s okay if it’s not a formal playlist, but at least you’re aware of which songs can help you amplify the spiritual energy and meaning of an otherwise ordinary situation. Music helps the soul celebrate the alignment of mind, body, and spirit, so crank up the volume and shut those eyes (unless you’re driving), take a deep breath, and live for the moment.


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