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Selecting A Deck

Selecting a deck of angel cards is like picking a bottle of wine from Publix and having zero knowledge about flavors, notes, swirls, smells (obviously I know nothing about wine- I just know how to drink it.)screen-shot-2016-12-11-at-1-09-03-pm

The reason that selecting a deck of cards can be overwhelming is because they all have different purposes with different textures and visuals and messages. Ahhh! Stress alert! In order to avoid this, there are a couple ways that you can help yourself to narrow down a deck.

1) Understanding your purpose for the cards.

Ask yourself questions like, will these be primarily used for individual use? Am I looking for messages from loved ones and spirit guides, or am I looking for a chakra-aligning deck? The exterior of the deck should give you more information about their purpose.

2) Knowing your audience (I.e. You) and what types of messages resonate with you

screen-shot-2016-12-11-at-1-00-40-pmSome of us enjoy hearing religious figures in our messages- others are turned off by it. For some, mentions of “God” as the prominant guiding figure of the message was valuable and comforting. For others, not so much. Sense the vibe of the deck and assess if the language will sit right with you.

3) Intuition.

You know what to do. Just pick with what your soul wants, baybee.

For PART 3 of the angel card trilogy, I will be demonstrating a reading for y’all! Wooo! See you then!


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