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Crystal Energy

I was about 7. I was sitting in the window seat of an airplane with my head pressed up against the window’s edge. My mom was bouncing my tiny brother in her lap in the seat next to me, and I could tell that this was her sign of anxiousness.  I was terrified of flying, although I tried to mask my fear for the good of the team. Resting around my neck, I gently held onto Aunt Cathy’s gifted amber necklace. Knowing that I was always drawn to that necklace, she so casually said, “Here. It’s yours,” days before the flight.

As the plane started to move, my anxiety reached its peak. I grabbed for the necklace once more, and when I did, I felt that thing snap in my hand. In the mind of a people-pleasing, overly guilt-ridden seven-year-old: I’m doomed.

This was my earliest memory of interacting with crystal energy. Years later, I came to understand that this crystal did not break because of force. Clearly, the strength of a seven-year-old’s baby, iron-strong hands could not forcefully break an amber crystal.  Instead, the amber had fulfilled its purpose- absorbing all of my fear, anxiety, and panic. Once it was done with me, it made that fact known.

I know crystal healing may seem far-fetched to the spiritual skeptic. Admittedly, it took me a long time to jump on the crystal train. Sometimes, the evidence is more concrete with experience. This happens when one interacts with a crystal that they may need at any given moment (See: my mom (traditionally a crystal skeptic) using a rose quartz during a time of heightened anxiety).

Here’s a quick run-down of crystal energy facts:

  • Crystals are not simply used for healing. They can also be used to protect, awaken, ground, set intentions, and assist in meditative practices.
  • Specific crystals can be directly linked to isolated locations on the body (see below: Chakras)
  • The list of chakra points:
    • Crown
    • Third Eye
    • Throat
    • Heart
    • Solar Plexus
    • Sacral
    • Root
  • Everything has energy. Crystals are no different. Magnetic charges are the operating base of crystals and how they function.
  • It is necessary to charge & cleanse crystals. Cleansing via:
    • Running cold water
    • Leaving your stone outside during a full moon
    • Salt
    • Sage

As my love for crystals grew, (and the PTSD from breaking Aunt Cathy’s amber subsided), I started to fully embrace the magic of learning more and more about them. One of my current favs is my black tourmaline crystal, which helps to cleanse me from all of the technology smog that surrounds me daily. On the daily, I also wear a black onyx ring, which assists in helping me listen to my inner voice.

As we move forward, I will post more on chakras, crystals, and their specific strengths. In the meantime, feel free to visit your local metaphysical shop if you’re curious! I know that I can always rely on my hometown shop to educate and inspire when I need it most (Shout out to The Mystical Moon* Bonita Springs, FL).  Make those connections with your local gurus, explore a new corner of the spiritual world, and let us know what you find.




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