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Speaking with nature

Ok, y’all. If you’re a skeptic to the more extreme metaphysical aspects of spiritualism, this post is about to get weird for you. But if you feel you connect with nature on a friendship level, you won’t even blink an eye at this post.

My question for you: When was the last time you spoke with nature?

Speak, like… speak.

Like… had a conversation.

Like… asked a question to a forest or a flower or a mountain or a grassy field and then shut the fuck up so you could listen to its gorgeous, healing answer.

Never did that? Try it, honey.

I remember my first time speaking with nature. I was reading Denise Linn’s Soul Coaching, and one of her action exercises involved talking a walk in nature and being open to what you might hear. This was the summer of 2012, and my then-recent plunge into spirituality made me simultaneously intrigued and skeptical. Open to possibilities, I walked through a beautiful park hugging Tampa Bay a few hours after a summer shower, which made the nature seem even more wild and wonderful.

And I’ll be damned: I had a beautiful conversation with trees.

It was no surprise that the voice I heard sounded more female than anything. It was soft like velvet, yet unmistakably clear and direct. It felt like we were introducing ourselves to one another, though it was clear that these trees already knew me. (I told you this would get trippy.) Since then, I’ve spoken with the Appalachian Mountain tops, the bees in a nature preserve, the waterfalls in Gavarnie, France, and the lake where I walk my dog every day.

Looking back, I understand the voices are not separate; in fact, the voice I hear is likely a reflection and affirmation of my own, heard through a vessel that is safe and peaceful. Talking with nature means to understand your connection to nature as two sources of energy, not nature versus human. Humans are nature. We are other kinds of manifestations from the same source that created everything. I felt this sort of kinship when talking to the mountains at Max Patch in North Carolina when I looked out at hundreds of miles of beautiful landscape and said, “Girl, you look good!” I felt it when I took a walk at Clearwater Beach when I was trying to decide if I wanted to accept a job, and the waves said, “No, sweetheart. No.”

My invitation to you is suspend the part of you that thinks this is weird and see what happens. The capacity to cultivate this relationship with our surroundings is a game changer. It’s made me feel more developed as a spiritual being than I ever thought I could—like I’ve finally decided to open a gift that’s been available for years. The potential to have profound experiences though listening is all around us, friends. Are you gonna suspend your skepticism and just do it?


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