Meditation isn’t just for the gurus.

Terms + Concepts

In order to be a spiritually – tuned person, you need to meditate in silence for at least an hour a day, right? Nuh-uh, honey buns. I’m going to tell you a secret- meditation can look anyway you want. That’s right. If you enjoy sitting in silence for 5-60 minutes, that’s wonderful! Silent meditative practices can be a powerful tool in the ever-growing battle against stress. Fortunately for us ADHD/movement-oriented/kinesthetic learning types,  there are other options.

Most recently, I have been stressed to the high heaven Rocky Mountain peaks, y’all. My daily career is a performance-oriented job that can be trying and exhausting for an introvert like myself. Some days are brighter than others, but I am most always emotionally exhausted. Well! Sounds like I need to figure out a way to relieve some stress, introverted style. Luckily, I know myself well enough to know that traditional meditation will not calm me down. Instead, I either spend some time in nature while listening to indie music or play my violin in my spare bedroom. Both of these activities have a guaranteed success rate of chilling ME out.

Will these activities have a guaranteed success rate for you? Sugar, I don’t know! That’s up to YOU to figure out what works best for you. Some extroverts prefer to play sports with friends or spend time with family. Introverts may like a more isolated activity, like journaling or driving in an upscale neighborhood and dreaming of better days. Regardless of your meditative preferences, the goal is to discover what methods work for you and yield the best results. Clearing your mind doesn’t have to be boring- just effective and worth your while.


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