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Soul recognition

Have you ever met a stranger and immediately felt like you’ve known them your whole life? Was there a particular trigger–a smell, an article of clothing, a conversation topic, or a mutual interest–about that person that specifically caught your soul’s attention?

Soul recognition is a spiritual theory involving divine arrangement during life between lives. According to Michael Newton’s Journey of Souls, while preparing to return to Earth, the soul and its spirit guides will discuss the soul’s upcoming life on Earth, specifically calling attention to important details it will need to remember. These details involve meeting the other critical souls meant to be on its journey and, if the soul is attentive while on Earth, it will temporarily suspend earthly amnesia and recognize people they learned about while in spirit-land.

Sounds far-fetched, but it’s really not. There have been people in my life that seemed so familiar to me when I met them that we spent fifteen minutes trying to figure out how we’ve known each other before, only to find out that our prior meeting was impossible. The adage that our eyes are the windows to our souls isn’t just for greeting cards; many spiritualists believe that the appearance of our eyes does help us recognize our friends, family members, and soul mates.

Perhaps the recognition point is a detail so oddly specific to you. My mom, a Hallmark channel Christmas movie fanatic, lives in the town dubbed as the “Christmas tree capital of the world.” For her, not owning a real tree around the holidays is nearly sacrilegious. She began dating in her small hometown only to meet a man who runs a Christmas tree farm in the winter. I know her fantasy of starring in a holiday movie of her own now sits at the forefront of her mind, but more importantly, she recognized a highly specific trait that helped influence her attrition. Regardless of what happens in their future, she and this man were meant to meet.

For me, physical appearance helps–I do believe I’ve seen every image of my life during my life-between-lives in spiritland–and I often feel like I recognize people and know them long before I even formally meet them. This has been the case with my best friends. My intuition takes a look at them, and I feel my soul saying, “Oh hay gurl, it’s you!” Another specific sign to me is when I’m with someone who speaks exactly in sync with me, saying the same words with the same tone to the point that we laugh in admiration of our closeness. This happens with my best friends more than I believe is typical. It’s my soul’s way of reaffirming that our beings are intertwined with one another.

As a (sometimes) shy extrovert, one thing I know is that we scout people out long before we feel comfortable getting to know them, especially if they’re the typical friend-of-a-friend, office co-worker, cute barista at our regular coffee shop, etc. If you feel your energy is drawn to someone, talk to them! We see dozens of people each day with whom we have zero energy attraction. If you feel something, it’s for a reason, so explore that, hunni. That person might be a lot more significant to you than you realize.




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