Dream messaging

Terms + Concepts

In the spiritual community, dreams are a big deal.

Many psychologists who study sleep can rationally explain why we dream what we do; people love to remind me that our dreams are projections of reality and a direct consequence of what we’ve been thinking throughout the day. In other words, many people think dreams aren’t that meaningful. I can think of many obscure dreams I’ve had that I probably shouldn’t look into very deeply, but I can also think of many, many dreams that were 100% divinely ordered and served as a direct connection between my spirit guides’ mouths and my ears.

No lie: these spiritual dreams can fuck you up. One time I was given a tour of the universe that involved floating around space, seeing tons of stars and planets, and catching a glimpse of the spirit world. I’ve also had the most significant dreams involving people in my life who delivered critical messages via crashing planes and car accidents, but also positive messages through swimming in large bodies of water (spiritual bliss) and eating so, so much cake (the golden dream standard for good vibes).

I can tell when a dream is intently spiritual in nature. If I reject my intuition and choose to not reflect on a spiritual dream, I can feel my spiritual guides frowning, telling me I just rejected a very important gift. However, my spiritual guides think, “message received!” when they see me wake up in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning to clearly record every detail of the dream I can remember.

We can negotiate dreams with our spirit guides. I’ve asked my guides a specific question before bed–sometimes writing the question on a piece of paper to place under my pillow–and meditate on the question while falling asleep. The ultimate decision to communicate information through dreams belongs to our guides alone, but asking is always a good start. Applying critical lenses to the reading of dream details, especially later in the day when you can read them from a fresh perspective, offers fascinating insights.

In most cases, our spiritual guides ain’t subtle, so neither are our dreams. Dreaming is one of many examples of how clear our communication can be with the spiritual plane when we just ask! But like any divine communication, be ready for whatever answer appears, whether you enjoy that answer or not.


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