Words Have Power Beyond Our Understanding

Terms + Concepts

We all have that friend. You know the one. The one who:

– plays victim (“No one is helping me with this new job/responsibility/group project. Everyone is setting me up for failure!”)

-puts themselves down during every opportunity possible   (“LOL @ never finding love! I hope there’s a sale on cat food because I’m going to need it. #catlady”)

– tries to one-up you on the anti-happiness train (“You think you have it bad? Did you hear about _________ (insert personal tragedy that is completely irrelevant to the story”)

Oh Lordt, the list could go on and on, but I think you get the picture. We all have/had that person in our lives who perpetuates their own reality based on their words.  IT IS PROVEN, Y’ALL. The more we speak, the more real these words become. It’s Manifesting Energy 101. We attract what we put out there, babes. And many of us do not realize that we are self-sabotaging to the max.

So, if you are finding that you subscribe to this habit (Charise & Juan have been there, trust us) and if you genuinely want to manifest the reality of happiness that you crave, it is sternly advised that you unsubscribe to that victim-playing, negative-dancing nonsense, you hear? Not only is it wildly unattractive to others (no one wants to spend time with Debby Downer), you are actually attracting all of that negative shit that you are saying, ***even if you provide the disclaimer that you are ~*just joking*~ LOLZ**.

Admittedly, I sometimes catch myself reverting back to the funny, off-beat, quirky “omg my life sux” agenda, and let me tell you, it never works in my favor. Ever. We must practice giving gratitude for what we have and consistently putting out those good vibes for others to soak up. Energy is cyclical, baby. So what type of energy are you manifesting?


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