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Psychics, mediums, and you: who knows your fate?

The year is 2069. I’m with my grandkids in my living room in what will inevitably be a double-wide trailer parked somewhere in the woods of Oregon. As I snap my fingers to power off my hologram cell phone, I shovel down one last fistful of cake, take a long, deep, sigh, and say to my grandkids, “Everyone come gather ’round and let grandpa tell you about the time a nice Navajo woman in Texas drove a spirit-lady out of his body.”

When you’ve played a bit in the spiritual realm, these stories become more frequent than you’d expect. By the time I age to grandfatherhood, I want to be one of those cool old people who has stories to tell–especially stories that help my grandkids learn from my mistakes. You’ll have to listen to our podcast for the details about our highly-disturbing paranormal experiences, but just so you know, the Texas thing did happen, and Charise was right next to me during the “exorcism.” el-oh-el

Luckily, my experience with the Navajo woman was positive, healing, and potentially life-saving. In 2013, a boyfriend breakup led me and Charise to Dallas, TX, for no apparent reason. We found ourselves in a surrounding town’s metaphysical store, and when we saw a sign advertising a $34 (my spiritual number) mediumship reading, we knew this meeting was divinely ordered. This woman connected me with my recently-passed grandfather, drove a Spanish woman named Magdalena out of my soul, and left me feeling like a satisfied customer.

This experience was important and unique because the energy felt right, and spirit clearly led me to her. She was able to identify me, my grandfather, and my life so specifically that I knew she actually had “the gift.” More importantly, I felt I genuinely needed spiritual guidance. I knew in my heart there was a message waiting for me. I’ve had one other positive psychic experience at Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp in Cassadaga, FL. My girl Margarita was affirming, loving, and right on the money.

However, Margarita and I started off our session with differing expectations of what this meeting would be. A confused, scared, and borderline-delusional graduate student in Orlando, I met with her because I wanted answers: Will I travel abroad? Where will I move next? What is my career going to be? Will I have a boyfriend soon? Old Margz, wise AF, rolled her eyes at me and said, “You want to travel? Go travel. Where are you going to move? Look at a map. So you want a boyfriend–ever heard of Tinder?”

I can’t begin to describe how simultaneously shocking and empowering her answer was. So let me get this straight: You mean *I* have to go after what I want instead of waiting for a 50-year-old woman in a basement to spill the beans? She truly possessed the “gift”; much like the #Navajo, she spoke to my soul and bathed me in healing energy, speaking specifically about my experiences and the fine print of my life through affirming, not “fortunetelling.” Instead of telling me the what, she told me the why and how: “Whatever happens to you, it will be right. You are a lightworker. You ‘get it,’ and you are going to look back at this conversation one day and think, ‘I had it in me all along.'”

Friends, ^THIS is why we seek spiritual guidance. When we are at our most vulnerable, we do not need a stranger telling us that we’ll raise four kids with names that all start with T. That does not help us. We especially do not need con-artist strangers who do not *actually* have the gift of clairvoyance preying on our insecurities and telling us that if we don’t pay her $1000 for a prayer candle, we will commit suicide within a year (lulz again, I’ll explain that one later). We seek spiritual guidance when our lives become too much to handle on our own.

We often forget a very important spiritual truth: The answers we seek already live within us. People like the Navajo woman and Margarita both understood that the gift of clairvoyance and psychic mediumship should be used to empower people in the crossroads of their lives when the big picture is just too blurry, which helps us remember that we create our destiny. However, the final decisions are ours and ours alone. Enjoy the power of manifestation and remember that the freedom to choose is priceless – not $1000 + shipping and handling.


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