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Excuses, Excuses.

Why are we so scared to get the things we actually want in life? Is it the potential for a massive let-down, or that maybe, if we actually get what we want, we will no longer have something to work toward? Regardless of its reasoning, we love to let fear drive our decision-making abilities. This ain’t good, folks.

The fear of failure (or sometimes success) can paralyze people from achieving the reality that they crave. And normally, one of the reasons that people delay this process is due to poor timing. “It’s just not the right time” – Shoo’, I’m guilty of saying this many-a-time. Of course, timing is an important component in achieving this reality (we should not rush things without a proper foundation), but sometimes, we ignore the signs that shout “Yes! This is the RIGHT TIME” because fear can be paralyzing.

Ready for the real talk? Stop making excuses for yourself. It’s a slipperly slope, y’all. And by making excuses, you are only delaying the potential MAGIC that could ensue. If your instinct is SCREAMING at you that this particular event/relationship/job opportunity/etc. is what you deserve, then take advantage now. The longer we wait for “the right time” (when we know that it very well could be), the more delusional we become and the more delusional we sound.

If you feel like the right time is not quite here, but it’s inching closer, start making moves in that direction. For example, if you know that it’s nearing time to start a new job and leave your current job, begin the application process now. Do not just sit and wait for that dream job to fall into your lap. Reality check- timing doesn’t work that way. The universe will give us the tools to be successful, but we have to carry some of the responsibility. Make it happen for yourself. It’s the only way to guarantee that you’ll end up where you’re meant to end up.


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