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Patience is more than a virtue- it’s a requirement


There is no one on this earth who has been forced to learn patience like this gal. One of my biggest strengths is being an “activator”- in other words, why wait for all of the lights to turn green when I could get in the car and start driving in my new Honda Civic now? I like starting the process while I feel motivated to do so. It’s key to my success as a person who cares a whole lot about her life and destination.

Unfortunately, this go-get-it attitude can sometimes work against me, particularly in aspects of life that require time to manifest. For example, identifying and creating a life with a suitable and sustainable partner is not something that we can control. Finding our dream career does not happen in the blink of an eye. Forcing certain components of our lives to manifest is the equivalent to building a house on an unstable foundation and eventually watching the dream bungalow crumble. This is why observing patience is key when attempting to manifest things that are out of our control.

Key points to remember: The universe is not strictly concerned about your immediate desires- the universe is setting up everything else in the meantime. The time in the waiting room is never fun, but people, occurrences, opportunities – all are being set up behind the curtain. Don’t worry- You’ll be ready for the reveal.

So sit back, take a sip of wine, and cheers to possibilities, because perfection takes time to bloom.


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