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Finding Balance On The ‘Faith’ Spectrum

Juan and I were JUST talking about the word “faith” and how we are not super supporters of this word.  It irks me that faith is a buzz word that is so intricately linked to organized religions; despite my hesitancy, I had to use this word for this post and here’s why:

The legit definition of ‘faith’: complete trust or confidence in someone or something

Having ‘faith’, according to the true, bare-bones definition, is what grounds RTU’s framework: trust in the universe and all of the pieces that move us in the direction that we are destined to head in. (Of course, with the occasional test thrown in once in a while.)

For many of us, our “faith” in a higher purpose has been tarnished at one point or another. So many people who have parted ways with organized religion carry it around like a giant bubble of shame and guilt.  Juan and I were both raised in Catholic homes, in Catholic schools, with all of the ideals and pressures that are associated with being Catholic. I cannot say that subscribing to the Catholic faith was an entirely horrific experience- I hold many happy memories from my time as a child, and traditions from Catholicism played a significant role in that.

On the contrary, leaving Sunday school always left me asking more questions (and cynically, I should add) then I brought with me. The extremism of beliefs did not sit right with my soul. I respected my teachers who felt immense purpose in their work, and even as a kid, I understood that their interpretation of the spiritual world was a hell of a lot different than mine. (I know that I am not alone in this. I’ve had many convos with folks who have felt similar conflicting emotions when parting with a religion).

Initially, in true extremist fashion, once we decide that our previous faith is NOT resonating with us, we naturally cut off any possibility of finding faith.  Because aren’t we told that we must sit on one side of the religious spectrum or get off the train completely? Either we are all in, or we are cynical and bitter and thrash around, shouting that God ain’t real. Yikes.

What this all boils down to is trust- Trust in the universe and trust in yourself.  Know that you always have choice. Please know that you are free to remain cynical and bitter for as long as you’d like.  You are free to live life on your terms, whatever that means to you. But when that initial cut from religion occurs, you are allowed to balance the exit of organized religion and the search for embracing spirituality. And isn’t it nice to know that you are not alone in this journey of uncovering truth? We are all searching, honey.


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