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We All Need That Trip To Diary Queen: Physical & Spiritual Needs

This post is multifaceted because when it was typing the word “feed” onto the platform, it was intended to have dual meanings.  The first: to feed your body with actual physical food. The second: to feed your soul with the nourishment of outer cosmic energy and intention that it craves and deserves.

Here’s why these two meanings are intentionally cohesive:

In 2011, I adopted a diet that transformed my consistently average-sized body into the teeniest it has ever been. My face slimmed out. My legs turned to little twiggies. I was running every day for the feeling of accomplishment. I tricked myself into thinking that this was the most confident I had ever been, even if I was anxious, insecure, and obsessed with the dipping number on the scale. I had joined a sorority at that time, so being around the mass abundance of beautiful and confident women solidified the mindset that was already brewing within myself: Tiny body = beauty = power.

Welp. We all know what happens after my “weight loss success” story, right? I became obsessed. Fast forward – I lost all sense of worth of anything other than my weight.  When I started to work full-time and those pounds started creeping back up (to my normal and consistent weight), I became depressed. I filled my mind with health food blogs and extreme dieting how-to’s. I bought out every vegan cookbook at Barnes and Noble. I studied, studied, studied. And then I ran, ran, ran. All the while, hearing messages from the media, co-workers, friends and family- Keep up the good work! You’ll achieve your body goals at this rate!

What we all failed to recognize was that as I was working so hard to maintain this physically healthy body, my internal identity was crumbling. I no longer saw my worth as a human being. I had lost touch with my spirituality all together. I had lost touch with my life’s purpose. I was lost all together.

Super fast-forward to 2014. I saw the flaw in this body image game. I bought into the bullshit, and I was ready to let go of what everyone was telling me. I let go of the “thin + toned = natural, healthy beauty” mantra. My day of freedom consisted of going through the local Diary Queen drive-thru, ordering a Blizzard, and smiling as I sat in the parking lot, digging into that cookie dough goodness.  From that point forward, I would no longer subscribe to an obsessive lifestyle.

Naturally, you will encounter extremists who are repulsed by this idea of balance. I have experienced doctors’ visits that consisted of, “Your bloodwork looks great! Blood pressure is great! You are overall very healthy!… But you really need to drop some weight.”   And this brings me to my main point- Feed your soul with what it wants- NOT with what others tell you it needs. Your body, your soul, your life, YOUR business. Life the life you want. If you want to lose weight for actual health concerns, then do that.  If you don’t want to, then don’t? I will not be offended by your life decisions. As long as they don’t directly impact my own value of happiness, then we all win, right?!

Please know that I am NOT saying to purposefully ignore a professional’s advice.  Just recognize that we all have self-authority to make decisions that make US happy, and maybe, just maybe, we don’t always have to please others just because THEY say so. Let this post be your green light to live the life you want simply because you want to. That’s all you need, sugar.


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