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Energy Is Contagious, For Better Or For Worse.

Was it Oprah who coined the term, “Energy Vampire” in the early 2000s? Well, regardless of its origins, I’ve been using it for years.  We all have that person (in most cases, people) who emotionally suck the life out of you.  For some of us, these folks can be tough to avoid, as they are usually the ones who are closest to us (e.g. family, co-workers, children, maybe even significant others?)

Energy is so disgustingly contagious. We catch this stuff quicker than a Kindergarten teacher catches flu symptoms. Energy is everywhere. It comes in all forms from all walks of life. Depending on the type of energy, we can totally absorb it from someone else, and it can destroy our day. Maybe, we even allow this destructiveness to extend into an entire week. Sometimes, if we let it, it can latch on for the duration of our lives. It’s time to combat this nonsense.

We all expel some type of energy, and this derives from a cycle of perception. Emotionally and spiritually, what we take in and what we put out all plays a role in this cycle.  And here’s the kicker- if we practice this enough, we can choose what types of energies to absorb and which ones to shoo’ away. Dare I say, it’s almost magical. What’s sad is that the majority of us have no idea that A) we have this power and B) we can control this cycle. Once we hone this skill, it is a game changer.

Keep in mind, this skill is a part of Channeling Energy 101. If you can make necessary arrangements to cut out the Energy Vampires in your life (or, at least, shut out their BS), please do so. Granted, I recognize that we cannot control this with every Energy Vamp. That’s when Channeling Energy 101 comes into play. Block that nonsense out. Move along. Smile. Flip that energy, and make someone’s day better than that damn Vamp.

Long story short- be mindful of what you’re putting out into the world. Don’t go spreading the flu.


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