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Manifestation energy

What’s the first situation that entered your mind when you read that?

Manifestation energy is a weird thing. It’s as close to magic as we can get. How absurd is it that simply by thinking about something over and over again–carefully arranging the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, in our mind–we can turn vision into reality? Humans are more powerful than we give ourselves credit for. I’m guilty of not placing enough faith in my dreams because I anticipate losing them; I write a script of failure before I’m able to imagine the possibility of success.

But no longer!

This month, as Real Talk Universe becomes a thing, I’m confident that the timing is right, and the universe has placed a non-refundable gift in my hands. I can hear my sassy gay spirit guide whispering the words in my brain: You’re not going to fail at this, baby!

So here we are: I’ve manifested a reality. What now? Like a kid on Christmas morning, sometimes the desire for the dream (gift) seems like the hard work–the waiting, longing, planning for what the new reality could look like–but even more challenging is the accountability to use the gift we asked for. Will I ride my metaphorical Christmas Day bicycle around the block two times and forget about it? Or will I use it so frequently that it becomes part of me?

Manifesting can be scary because we realize how much control we could have over our own lives. We wonder, If I was powerful enough to make this happen, what else can I do? Am I a secretly a goddamn sorcerer?, and it becomes uncomfortable for us to acknowledge ourselves as powerful beings. A colleague once remarked, “Why be afraid of being powerful? Too many people in life try to take our power away, so in the moments we do have it, we gotta use it.”

Today I am choosing to accept the universe’s gift of opportunity with open arms rather than being fearful of my own power and influence. Though giving and receiving gifts is my last-ranked Love Language, I think this gift is one I’ll hold on to. Thanks, universe.


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