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Welcome, welcome!

In the wise words of Effie Trinket, “Welcome, welcome!” Something special led you to this site—and we’re glad it did, henny!

If you’re like us, you have lots of questions about the planet we call home and what lies beyond it. When we reflect on our lives—the people we’ve met, places we’ve been, and ideas we’ve contemplated—we can’t help but think, Damn, this is interesting.

Before we knew better, we believed our lives were a darkly comedic tale of surprises and patterns, so we naively wrote off events as coincidences. After all, everyone who uses an unprotected Ouija board becomes a host for a dead Spanish woman’s soul and travels to Texas for an exorcism, right? Everyone unknowingly moves into their former boss’s apartment and sees the envelope containing his living will, right? (The answer is no—no, they do not.)

For a while, we misunderstood the concept of divine timing as grave misfortune, unwilling to accept the reality that the universe was using a steady hand to place us exactly where we needed to be, exactly when we needed to be there, on our journeys to experiencing the life that was always meant for us.

The seeds of this discovery were well planted. In summer 2011, as seniors in college, we took a literature course that would change our lives forever. Our professor created the syllabus based on texts she saw sitting in a bookstore window—“meant to be,” she called it. One of those texts was The Alchemist by Paulo Cohelo, a book recognized by many to be inspirational and “life-changing.” When most people read this book, they change their habits for one day and quickly revert to their former reality. For us, The Alchemist modeled a way of being we could not unsee. The world suddenly became a sanctuary of secrets hidden in plain sight, and we wanted to learn them all.

Years later, after many lit incense sticks, retired Angel Card decks, appointments with psychics, visits to the Barnes & Noble metaphysics section, and a shitton of therapy, we’ve built a physical and mental catalog of what it means (for us) to be spiritual millennials living in a largely disconnected world. We live in an evolving society with more people than ever identifying as spiritual-but-not-religious. There’s no church for us. But we don’t want a sacred text or a book of songs; we want to create a place of love anytime we connect and exchange ideas about things that matter to us.

Real Talk Universe is our virtual fantasy of a place where people who “get it” can talk about stuff. We have these conversations regularly; we want to include you in them. We want to share research, videos, books, and ideas with you. We want to hear how your life led you to where you are right now—sitting somewhere, reading this, and wondering if there were other people who share what you feel to be true in your soul. We can’t promise you that we know everything—far from it. The identity of spiritual teachers is one in the same with spiritual learners, so we’ll all learn together. However, we can promise you our candid thoughts about what we do know and what we have experienced.

Most importantly, this is a space of authentic real talk with real people. Included in our less formal belief statements are: Yes, you can believe in angels and still get wine drunk while you do angel card readings. You’re allowed to meditate for a few minutes and then decide you’re ready to watch Netflix. You can create vision boards to manifest a reality filled with fun travels and greasy foods—we are complex people with complex needs. Let us—a gay, ENFJ Aries with an oppositional personality, and his best friend, a Southern gothic INFJ Virgo with a moderate to high sugar addiction—be the ones to assure you: Life can be good when we let it, so let’s do it together.

Welcome to the party!

Juan & Charise
Real Talk Universe
October 31, 2016


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