Our exploration of ecofeminism is getting deep. As we say, “it takes work to be woke,” but today we are especially feeling the exhaustion of the patriarchy in reference to the Las Vegas shooting and asshat Donald Trump’s mishandling of Hurricane Maria. Using framework from Alice Walker’s “In Search of Our Mother’s Gardens” and Carol […]

The sistaz are talking about storms both outside and within: spiritual lessons learned during the week of Hurricane Irma as well as the complexities of living in alignment with ecofeminist values in a patriarchal world. Ecofeminism is a spiritual philosophy that parallels the patriarchy’s dominance over women, non-human animals, and the environment, which trickles into […]

When I was in graduate school, I took advantage of a free campus program called CHOICES (an acronym representing some combination of holistic wellness words). For those few months, Charise, Sonal and I loved applying “#Choices” to everything I did — first as a funny way to acknowledge my participation in the program, but then […]

For most of my life, I have subconsciously rejected the fact that I am a woman. Key word: subconsciously. Yes, I was born a female, and I’ve always identified as a woman, but the majority of my actions have reflected an intentional masculine energy. At a young age, I considered myself a “tomboy” (a term […]

I love Virgo season. The amount of Virgo women in my life is beyond coincidence — at least 10 whose birthdays fall within a span of three weeks, including my mom, sister, dog, two of my closest friends (including Sister Charise), and many others. I have always loved the energy of Virgo women because, as an Aries, […]

Earlier this year I made a vision board with Charise. I loved the way it looked aesthetically, but part of me felt silly and even embarrassed about some of the images I chose. I wouldn’t have been able to articulate it then, but a vision board requires ultimate vulnerability with yourself: What do you really want? […]

Get out those dream journals, y’all! For this episode, Juan and Charise are chatting about the ever-mystical concept of dreams. At one time or another, we all have certain dreams that stay with us, haunt us, enlighten us, or flat out confuse us. Luckily, the sistuhs are here to help decode some of the meanings […]