Hi, Tribe! If you are interested in the things that we talk about here on Real Talk Universe, I highly recommend that you check out the podcast, The RobCast, hosted by Rob Bell. I am a loyal listener of The RobCast. I find such value in Rob Bell’s interpretations, messages, and goofy demeanor. I just […]

It’s time to introduce yinz to a good friend to Charise and me. Her name is Cherry. Let me be clear that this is a different Cherry than the Chinese middle ESOL student Charise and I tutored in 2010, who pretended she didn’t know a lick of English and instead developed her mastermind plan to […]

The sisters are here to shed some light on a dark topic: death. One of the most feared constructs across all humanity, death is a sociological underpinning of our ways of being. What will we do to prevent it? What will we do to embrace it? How does a spiritual detachment between body and soul […]

*Spoiler Alert: Reading further will reveal information about the plot of Twin Peaks, Seasons 1 and 2. *Trigger Warning- This article contains the following content: eating dysmorphia, eating disorders, and challenging relationships with food.   My Rock-Bottom In 2013, I was in the grip of a vicious body dysmorphic episode.  I was extreme dieting, jumping […]

Adult Charise is very happy that Teenage Charise can still live her truth. After all, I haven’t changed that much.  I still wear glasses. I still wear skinny jeans (now “jeggings” ‘cause I don’t gots time for something without a little stretch). I’m still sarcastic and dark-humored and boundary-breaking. Still, I am insatiably consumed with […]

Guest post by Sonal Chauhan. Learn more about Sonal here. Brown girl probs #598: realizing chicken nugs might taste delicious, but are not good for the soul. Literally. The holy Hindu text known as the Bhagvad Gita reads, “Just as a man discards worn out clothes and puts on new clothes, the soul discards worn out bodies and […]

Since I’ve been vegan for the past few months, I’ve never been sick. (*hair flip/#vegan*). However, humor me while I discuss sickness as a metaphor. Almost three years ago I spent a month with intense sickness. At first it was a cold, and after it spiraled into a full-blown shitshow, I went to the doctor […]